The Story of FingersKeeper

Did you know?

Every year, tens of thousands of children are injured by slamming doors.

Every year, tens of thousands accidents occur when slamming doors cause severe damage to children's fingers: pain, fractures or even amputation. The long term effect of these injuries come as pain and inconvenience in everyday activities, or even mental and emotional challenges to our kids.

Existing Products

Hydraulic door closer

The hydraulic door closer is currently one of the most popular  products in the market. Its main function is to keep the door closed constantly. Nobody wants to keep their doors closed constantly. Besides, opening the door requires too much force for small children and pets, and they can be locked in the room or even out on the street. Besides, it’s very expensive and requires special tools for  installation.


Another existing product is the Sponge. Its function is to prevent the door from closing at all times. Who wants to keep their doors open all the time?  Would you want to keep the door to your bedroom, bathroom or even the house constantly open? Every time you remove the sponge to close the door, you risk forgetting to put it back exactly when you need it most. Besides, it doesn’t fit the main door, the most heavy and dangerous door in the house.


The World’s First and Only Automatic Door Slam Protector

Now, let us present to you the FingersKeeper - the first and only automatic door slam protector.

What triggered us to work on FingersKeeper were a few unfortunate incidents around us where children hurt their fingers by slamming doors. After a research on existing products, we saw the need for a product that protects people from door slams while not interfering with people’s daily lives.

As a team of people with various industrial backgrounds and engineering in our bones, we quickly came to the decision of designing such a product ourselves. After years of perfecting our design, we are now ready to introduce to the world FingersKeeper - the world’s first and only automatic door slam protector.